Mobster Morality Play: The Real Unblemished Story

Updated on December 2, 2019
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Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 12 years.

Some choose to make money and work the hard way

Others choose to take shortcuts in life to get it all

One group always followed the right side of the law

The other chose to ignore the rules and lived for danger

Drove fast and parties even harder

Afraid that there was no tomorrow to be had

Life of a gangster not what it was cracked up to be

Live fast and die even faster

Always glamorized in Hollywood as the flashiest

Walking the streets of Manhattan in tailored suits

Attached with a media friendly or industry nickname

That usually signified style or homicidal substance

Hard to say which one was more important

Reputation or infamy in the eyes of the press

Both had a double edged sword and usually included

A long term sentence at the federal penitentiary

For racketeering and old fashioned murder charges

A combination that always led to a long stretch away

From actual and morally upstanding society

Many young up and coming boys wanted the image

That came with the guy in the $1,000 black Armani suit

Always the real deal; had to sell an air of power in the making

Making enough money to dress the part

Of a Fortune 500 CEO in disguise from reality

Really a cheap two bit hood with a gun and a knife

To make their decisions for them when it comes to betrayal

A lethal and permanent way to deal with disagreements

No Judge Judy for the criminal set with illegal means

Blood spilling only definitive and logical conclusion

Temperamental criminals looking to maintain their power base

At all costs to their morality and their family's respect for them

Always stuck at a crossroads when it comes to loyalty

Forced to choose between blood relatives and la costa nostra

Sadly, these creatures always chose the latter option

If they didn't, they'd like end up getting severely penalized for not

Choosing their professional familial ties anyways

Brought into a world where money and status brought on by violence

Letting controlled weapons like a .44 caliber pistol do the talking

Bringing a knife to a gunfight to present an element of surprise

An air of betrayal in close quarters combat to drive a message home

Consequences had a way of rearing their ugly head

When lulled into a false sense of security

Acted as if they were untouchable of the rules of omerta

Forgot to respect their boss and the Don themselves

Ended up on a hit list that no one chose to be on

Slept with a gun beside their pillow for safety

Became convinced that it was either safer to be in jail

Still be alive instead of constantly looking over your shoulder

Until the day comes when you'll be caught off-guard

Lights out; you're done

No retakes or second chances

You're finished; your families will live on without you

Your mistakes can't be corrected

Is it worth it to walk into a life of crime

Instead of choosing the straight and narrow

Both had differing sets of actions and reactions

Only one didn't guarantee sacrificing your soul

Choose wisely before doing anything you can't take back.

The potential future for the gangster in the making.
The potential future for the gangster in the making.


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    • Lorna Lamon profile image

      Lorna Lamon 

      7 months ago

      Lessons to be learned in this thought provoking poem Heather. The last line says it all. Great write.

    • Brenda Arledge profile image


      7 months ago from Washington Court House

      A lesson to be learned in these words...choose wisely.

      Nice write.


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