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How to Handle Pain

Testimony Akinkunmi is a Yoruba-born poet who understands what pain can paint and in this poem. He tries to show that pain is fleeting.

Your torment is the breaking of the shell that encases

your agreement.

Indeed, even as the stone of the organic product should break, that its

heart may remain in the sun, so should you know torment.

Furthermore, could you keep your heart in stand amazed at the

every day wonders of your life, your torment would not appear

less wondrous than your happiness;

What's more, you would acknowledge the periods of your heart,

indeed, even as you have consistently acknowledged the seasons that

ignore your fields.


The delicate hand of the Unseen in pain is a blessing in disguise

What more of your agony is self-picked.

It is the harsh elixir by which the doctor inside

you recuperates your debilitated self.

In this way trust the doctor, and drink his cure

peacefully and serenity:

For his hand, however hefty and hard, is guided by

the delicate hand of the Unseen,

What's more, the cup he brings, however it consume your lips, has

been formed of the mud which the Potter has

saturated with His own consecrated tears.

© 2021 Akinkunmi Testimony