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Mixed Tape

ocfireflies AKA Kim Houck is a retired educator. She has enjoyed creative writing for as long as she can remember.

A mixed tape from my library


Song Titles and Song Lyrics

Embedded in my poem, Mixed Tape are lots of song lyrics and titles. I have included a poll at the end of this hub so you can vote on how many you noticed as you read the poem. Naturally, I hope lots of folks will read the poem and vote in the poll.

Lyrically Alluding

To understand the voice within
With patches all over my one tin body

I begin
My journey

Where strawberry fields flow on forever
Where it’s still Rock n Roll to me

As I stand in solitude
Looking into the doorway

My stomach knocks three times
As if to say

Watch out!
Carnival sending in the clowns

A thousand miles from nowhere
I may get lost and never found

Frolicking in Autumn mist
‘Cause that’s the way the world goes ‘round

Like little Jackie paper
I turn, turn and toss

Candles blow in the wind
Yearning for yellow brick roads

Like San Andreas,
I feel like everything is my fault

Choices I made
What I am is what I am

Or what
Made me


Tucked away me

Into one closet
After another

Branded, stranded
Pulled ropes tighter

Breathing, breathing
Just became quieter

A wretch like me
My blue eyes crying in the rain

Niagara Falls for all to see
Please numb the pain

Make it go away
Send me back to Honahlee

When we walked
And talked and made plans

When you rolled around
Stretched and kicked

It’s hard to go back home
When there never was one

So many rooms have I painted
So many times I have waited

For the voice within
To guide me

Along the right path
Of freedom, security

Only to be locked,
Blocked and traumatized

With every breath I take
I beg forgiveness

For every wrong
For every song

I couldn’t sing
You are my sunshine

My only sunshine
My silver lining

My First Aid Kit

Allusion Challenge

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