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Mixed Messages

When A Husband And Wife Cross

There are so many things that we love about each other

We are no different than any other couple

Sometimes we have double vision

My wife wants one thing

At the same time, I want another

Most of the time we find a way to meet in the middle

A compromise where one person gives in a little

The other one also will let something slide

My wife is the best planner I know

I kind of fly by the seat of my pants

When it comes to ideas I push to the limit

My wife will see someone else's idea and comment

That is so cool

You have to see this

That is really something

Then when I see it

I say don't you remember my idea?

I was on the right track

They went one step farther

No, I am sorry I don't

I am shocked

Like if I was hit with a stun gun

There have been many times

I have come up with an idea so close to the one that someone else created

I couldn't do anything with my thoughts

I had no one or no way to carry it forward

I was so close but couldn't make it

Lack of knowledge or time

Don't get me wrong

I give the person great kudos for what they did

I just wonder why other people can't see my delema

They walk away with oh well

I stay there wondering why not me?

It isn't easy to take it on the chin

Time after time

I feel my time hasn't come yet

I will have my day

In one day there are so many projects I leave unfinished

All the time making sure every thing else gets done

I keep up with the gardening and the laundry

Go to work every day and put in 120%

I know if I want to succeed

I have to see my dream and make it a reality

Then again there are times my wife just makes me feel

Like I am the only person in the world

The look that I make her day

She checks up on me

When I am off in trying to do something nobody else has done

Because I do it so often

She soon forgets and goes on with her day

I am stuck in between a rock and a hard place

Here are a few examples

I tried to create a new cat toy

I put in crumbled up newspaper in a plastic bag

Then made two of them

We tossed them back and forth to each other

My cat watched with excitement and amazement

She liked it for awhile

Then she got bored

We would put the bags at the end of the couch

Play with them every now and then

Then my wife one day goes

So what about these bags?

Like it is time to throw them out

I said well it is the idea for a cat toy?

She sees it as an idea that has passed

Can we put them somewhere else?

I quietly move them to our back room

Another idea filed away

For another day

I often will save an old jar and say I can use this for something

My wife will shake her head

For what?

I don't know yet

It is too good to throw into the recycle bin

This was an odd shaped tomato sauce jar

She acts like it served it's purpose

I find it so hard to explain

I can feel it in my blood

My wife will ask me if I want to watch a new show she is watching

She thinks I will like it

She is right I not only like it

I love it

Of course I was in the middle of writing a new story

Working on an idea that hasn't seen the early light

My wife gives me unconditional support in so many other areas of my life

I should be happy with that

She does so many things that make everything else work

Making sure the bills are paid on time

Sending out Get Well and Happy Birthday cards when necessary

Making sure I eat

Cursing me under her breath

As my food gets cold

I say I am coming

She knows I am right in the middle of my latest project

There are many failed projects that have to be deep six

At least for the time being

I never complain when I eat and my food is cold

She wants me to sit down and eat with her while it's hot

I would love to but I can't right now

Don't you see if I don't do it now

I will never get it done

In some ways I am the absent minded professor

I call her in when she is busy

To read my story after story

She stops what she is doing to help me

Then she helps me correct thoughts that weren't so clear

My poem sounds better with her help

Ninety percent of my poems have a little bit of her in them

So you could say she is my catalyst to move forward

So if it's using an old shower curtain

For a tarp in the yard

I will find a second use

When that is finally worn and ready to be thrown out

I take the magnets out of the bottom

They can be used for something else

My ideas come randomly and without any rhyme or reason

They talk to me in my sleep

Drop in on me while I eat

Follow me out the door

Haunt me forever and more

The other day my wife cooked popcorn

We had a lot of humidity

My wife complained that she forgot to put the saran wrap on tight

The popcorn went stale

She went to throw it out

An idea spoke to me

No we can use it for something

I wasn't sure what?

Later that night

I crushed up the stale popcorn

Tried eating it

Not quiet there yet

I added it to some ice cream

It wasn't the best but it wasn't too bad either

A little buttery and salt

With the ice cream that is sweet

I am on to something

As it would be

My wife later on is watching a cooking show

Where the woman used popcorn in her recipe

Instead of bread crumbs for her chicken

My wife said I have never seen that before

Neither have I

A flash in my brain went off for the one millionth time

That is why popcorn in ice cream might work

I just have to tweak it some more

So my wife heard me

She listened to what I was saying

She tuned into me

I am still on my own

She has no desire to help me with this one

So here it is a little before six in the morning

I am typing this before I forget

Work at eleven

My wife noticed I wasn't in bed

Honey, are you alright?

Yes, I am fine

I just wanted to get a few ideas on paper

You can go back to bed

Pleasant dreams

As I struggle with a new thought

Then I crawl back in with my wife

Hug her and feel

This is were I love to be

If I could only split me in too

Then I could be at both places at once

That is an idea for another time

She makes out the food shopping list every week

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