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It's what we all need

It isn't forgiving

It will leave you to bleed

It knows no understanding

But it will always know firsthand

You can't stop it for a second

It's it's own second hand man

Time is what we want

Time can be what we hate

Time can be your freedom

It can make you it's slave

Time can bring a clean slate

Time can shift a mind to a new state

To us, time is love

And time is hate

Waiting can't be done

For gathering the time, there is none

A tomorrow's yesterday is inconceivable today

When the now is surpassed

By what's to come

Think hard, because time can't be undone

Time controls everything

Time will always commit

In it's control, you'll never forget

Time is money, time Is Love

But truthfully...

It is what should be held highest above

Try to outrun it

Try to catch it

No matter what

You'll perpetually pursue it

Just stop and embrace it

Because before you know it...

Time is done

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