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Mitara’s Blast From the Past

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Finding my inspiration through the voice of music and poetry. Being creative and finding ways in making life easier and smarter for others.


Appreciate and Radiate

The melody

The tempo

The beat

Feel the echo

Makes me glide around

and move my feet

Expresses unspoken words

It feels so profound,

Turn up the sound

Make it nice and loud,

I prefer to be in tranquility

Way up in the clouds

A meditational trance

You can’t help but dance

No stressful thoughts

It should not be allowed

Appreciate and radiate

that is the best time your

Ideas to create

Music to me

As I sit here, thinking of the many challenges and experiences that I have dealt with aside from the thought of writing back then, music played a very dedicated part in me dealing and moving through the different stages of my life.

Music fed a part of my soul that I was not able to articulate or express to myself, let alone to the world. The tempo was always decided upon my waking up in the mornings and my sense of the day or from the outcome of my day.

To this day I have music playing in the background echoing tranquil, pleasant and comforting pleasure to my soul.

If I sometimes, hear a song from the good old days, it instantly takes me to a certain memory that reflects so clearly in my mind like it was only yesterday.

My memory zones me to the place, the smell and every feeling that surrounded me at that point.

For me its always a great source of thinking, finding those looming creative ideas that make its grand appearance just when you about to give up, or handling those anxious sometimes unsettling feelings.

Most music are expressed with words, others, just by the melody, I felt it expressing my inner feeling by unspoken words.

Music does not interfere with your daily tasks, it actually alleviates the irritation and unnecessary overwhelming stress, soothes the mind to a sense of good vibes and composure.

I would like to introduce you to the mix, I have always listened to, including current times for inspiration, motivation and encouragement.

The mix has always filled me with an abundant sense of love, light, happiness, positivity and would like to share with a community that encourages me daily.

Appreciating artists far and wide including local talent

Music and talent share the same foundational building blocks. Talent is defined as someone who has a God-given natural skill and ability to be good at something, especially without being taught.

Music and your every day language share a bond of being compositional. They are made of small parts that merge in creating something larger and more meaningful.

There are a number of talent out there, while listening to various genre's that you come across, and feel so strong on their way of expressing their passion for music to the soul.

Their production of beauty in all forms places you in a meditational trance, that allows you to appreciate their mix and take on understanding the harmony of expression.

Introducing you to the talent I came across

I enjoy and appreciate many genre's of music, here are a few cultural music video's that I have come across and would like to share.

Please feel free to play, while driving, reading, exercising, working, cooking or having good quality family time.

© 2020 Mitara N

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