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Mistakes of the past

Mr isaiah Ebhodaghe is from Nigeria, he is poet and author of Seven books; The fearless kingdom, the fortunate wedding, Where is the Child.


Mistakes of the past

We fell before our

fall, and die before

our death

But this death could

be natural,we choose

what we desire and failed

to see what we should look.

Our choice not to die again

rest on our desire. Our ability

to smile again rest on our company.

Tell my people not to blink their eyes,

tell them to keep looking, tell them!

Tell them to walk with their in stings, tell

them to ask questions,

tell them not assume they


Tell them to do what they should do

and not neglect

great moment.

Tell them to learn from their

first fall, that the second and

the third may be total annihilation.

Tell them to learn from their