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Missing You Now!

Missing You Now!

Missing you Now!

By Gladys Karam

We were never apart, and suddenly had to find a new start.

I hear your sweet voice,

I know you had no choice.

You walked away, and left me behind.

Thinking it's ok, and I would not mind. But Your Absence took me by storm, leaving me with a void that I can't avoid. I see your chair empty, And I can't take that lightly. Your shoes, no one can fill

Even if time stands still. No one can replace or take your place. I keep calling your name

Things are no longer the same

I can hardly stand on my two feet.

I know you can hear my heart beat

Missing you makes me weak but loving you keeps my hope at its highest peak. I'm never alone knowing you're home in my heart where you belong… I'm here to stay to help the others for you're far and away

No need to worry, I'm okay.

Written on December 6th 2021

© 2022 3angelspower

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