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Missing Bit of a Life - Poem About Childhood Memories

“When you finally travel back to your old house, you will find it wasn’t the home you missed, but your childhood.” - S. Ewing

It’s been a while

Since I felt the warmth on my cold body

Like I used to feel in my mother’s womb

It’s been a long time

Since my empty heart was filled with joy

Like it was filled seeing beautiful corals of deep seas

It seems an ages

Since I giggled like a child

As I used to do

Seeing bubbles and butterflies

The age

Where I don’t have to find a reason to smile

I miss walking barefoot on dewy grass

And to listen the clear bird songs

It’s been a while

Since I’ve been hold with pure love

Like I was held when my mother wrapped me in

I miss the touch of love

In the barrenness of life

I miss making sand castle at the beach

With messy hairs

And sand all over my fragile body

It’s been a long time

Since I picked the empty shells

And listened to the sound of sea

I miss painting with my fingers

Painting with no meanings and aim

But to enjoy the colours and smell

It’s been a while

Since I jumped in the puddles

With no boots on

I miss dancing in rain

As I am the soul of fairy land

I miss restarting the game when I’m about to lose

And to hide behind doors or beds to scare people

I miss my land of memories

I miss the days were I‘ve nothing to hide,

To fight,

And To pray

The days where I have a lot to love

But nothing to loose

This world is making me lifeless

Deeper down

Oh, I miss my land of memories

Where I can fix my fun

In my own way

Where I can be me

Free, loud and fierce

- Srushti Gamit

© 2021 Srushti Gamit

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