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Miss You Sister.


Narrative Poem

By:Madison Spurgeon

She was lifeless, laying there inanimate.

I was horrified, the pain was everlasting, it was indefinite

The hospital smelled of medicine and tears.

On November 25th, it came alive, all our fears.

We had a bond like no other.

Sisters for life, we always had each other.

The screeching of the wheels, the fear on her face.

Her and Her boyfriend, they should have known not to race.

The call came in the middle of the night,

I felt it deep down, an everlasting fright.

I jumped in my Mom’s car

She had just got home from work, long night at the bar.

We rushed to Hope’s house.

The ride was quiet, like a mouse.

I stayed behind to look after those who slept.

The unknowing lured in the dark, it crept.

Hours later she flew to Macon.

We drove feeling forsaken.

Five days later she passed.

Only 16 her life went by fast.

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