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Miss Bear: A Poem

"Exhausted, parched, I was walking one day

Not cold nor hot, a fine day of May

Suddenly, my eyes stuck there

Oh blimey! A towering bear

Furious, hideous

Miserable, immense

Things messed in my head, which made no sense

It was staring, I stood

In the middle of the wood

Then it came towards me

I hide myself behind a tree

It found me anyway

Seemed it had something to say

Then the distraught soul

Gave me a doll

I couldn't believe how?

"Are we friends now?"

Then it started yo talk

"Let's go for a walk"

I saw an exquisite smile on it's face

"I found a friend by God's grace"

"Not atrocious, am a kind creature

Sick and tired of facts of nature"

"I am happy anyway

And I knew one day

I will find a friend

Who will stay till the end.

And am sure you're the one

Who wont make fun

Of me and my looks"

A deep breath then it took.

"Oh yeah! Miss bear,

That's why am here

And you are beautiful

And amazingly cool"

A little fairy, then I saw on her nose

Which covered it with glitter from head to toes

Things messed in my head; puzzled

I stood still there, baffled

Suddenly, I saw a princess infront of me

I blinked and muttered, " the bear... where is she?"

"I am the bear, Oh kind heart! "

Then she started to explain from the start.

"Cursed by a witch but I am free again now"

I was still confused, wondering how?

Figuring out what happened next?

Don't bother I'll tell, I wokeup next.