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Misplaced Legs


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1. She has barely started her

Classes when she became romantically

Involved with this young chap

2. Parents were not happy with

Her decision because they believed

She would be distracted academically

3. She was not among the

Brilliant ones neither among the

Class of the average students

4. To be among the average

Students she needs to be

Hundred percent plus concentration

5. She must be fully concentrated

On what she was doing

Either in class or elsewhere

6. This was the main reason

Why they do not wish

Her to continue with him

7. She however insisted that, nothing

Except death would separate her

From the guy she’s with

8. When their persuasion failed they

Left her to satisfy her

Longings and started looking from afar

9. Young chap continues to lie

To her and during the

Holidays traveled with him away

10. When holiday ended and she

Was expected back she did

Not return neither the guy

11. Everyone knew they’d left together

Since they are in their

Early teenage days, none bothered

12. Few months after, wind of

The news of her where-about

Was blown to the region

13. That was how they got

To know her where-about

Then she was heavily heavy

14. Her first delivery was twins

She soon became heavy and

Delivered another set of twins

15. After the second set of twins

The man fled from home

Was not seen again by her

16. Burden of raising four children

Was too much on her

She thence sought for support

17. The support she got was

Minute this had negative effect

On the development of children

18. She went to get some

Things for the children and

Then she contracted infectious disease

19. She incubated the infection in

Her body for a while

Transferring it to her children

20. Children had low immunity, started

Expressing strange symptoms and not

Long afterwards they all died

21. Hospitals could not save them

Because the infections were at

Advanced stages before getting there

22. She was devastated, did not

Know what to do, hospitalized

Twice before she returned home

23. Mother was the first person

To see her while embracing

They wept on each other’s neck

24. We were not against your

Progress as you may have

Had the notion of then

25. What was in our mind

For you was 'frictionless' progress

But you misconstrued our motive

26. Asked for forgiveness like a

Prodigal child who returned empty

She was forgiven and accepted back

27. She has learnt in a

Hard way her lessons and

She terribly regrets what she did.




OLUSEGUN (author) from NIGERIA on March 20, 2020:

@MG Singh thank you.

MG Singh emge from Singapore on March 20, 2020:

Its a sad tale but it happens to many. Great presentation. Thanks

OLUSEGUN (author) from NIGERIA on March 14, 2020:

Uhm. That's correct.

Diane Denison from Cincinnati Ohio on March 14, 2020:

OLUSEGUN This story is so sad but written well . You took us step by step into the joy and sadness of her life. He children no longer had a Fathers and about to lose there Mother. The sad part is this happens to so so many children across this world.

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