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Misery Loves Company: A Short Poem

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Dan K typically writes about "Minecraft," but he/him also writes poetry, free verse, and occasional short stories.

Climbing the steep walls
Of this endless ravine
No safety rope
No harness
With the hands of misery
Ever clawing at my feet
I will not fall
I will not break
My grip is strong
And my will, like iron
I will not give up
I will not face defeat

They tug at my ankles
Trying to drag me
Back into the void
Back into the pit
But I do not despair
Nothing can stop me
I cannot go back
I will not go back
If I have to drag you
Up out of the pit I will!
Climb away from this misery, for
It feasts upon company

Some people love to be miserable. They have nothing but disdain for positive people who are trying to better themselves. They will do all they can to drag you down.

Don't let them.

Drag them up with you, if you can. If you can't, learn to let them go. Let them wallow in their misery alone.

Climb! Climb away! Never stop trying to reach the top!

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