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Misdemeanor Love

I have been writing poetry, fiction and short stories for many years and have completed a book of poems. I also enjoy comedy writing.

Arrested for Love

Arrested for Love

You have your guy, but I really don't care

From the first day I saw you walk by the coffee shop, and I began to stare

At the essence of your unforgiving wonderfulness, I saw your mind

And at that point, I wanted to make you mine

I know this maybe wrong, but my charge is misdeameaner

Loveing another guys girl, this may be bad, but it will end sweeter

I picture your hair flowing through my fingers, while you wipe away my sweat

From a passionate night of love we started from the outside steps

Baby, I am barbaric, I will fight dirty for your hand.

If you let our lips meet today, later you will throw out your man

I have seen your face several times as I dozed off in the subway

Must be a princess from a Disney movie I thought. But you dreamed me all day.

You tell me he is a cop, I am not afraid of the police

How could I be when I stare at beautiful eyes like these

If he locks me up for loving you, love will be my bail

I would be stupid to pass up this holy grail

I can't sleep at nights, you are all I think about

I see our little kids, Tommy and Jane running all around

I already love you, and I know you will love me too

You will be hooked on my swag, plus I make a great chicken stew

I can hear your old man calling me son and me reply yes pops

While you and my old lady pick out colors for our wedding drops

Our life together will be happy and fulfilling

Kissing on the roof under the stars wishing

Oh baby it was written, we were meant to be

So take this, keep it, care it, it is my heart's key

My greatest gift, to you from me.

© 2018 Clive Williams

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