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Mirrors! Listen to Me Mirrors

I love poems.Poems are a version of me in words.I do write from personal view of life and other people experiences.

Listen to me....Mirror!

Hello friend,

I am empty and my life has turned to a dead end,

With you I don't have to pretend,

Neither do I have to rearrange my words or bend,

Because I have you to listen to me...Mirror!

I have cried a thousand tears,

Told you my mixed up fears,

What transpired between me and my peers

But you remained by my side all these years,

Please I need you to listen to me...mirror!

Last time I saw a reflection of me in his eyes,

And in me I was filled with many butterflies,

Who would have thought all these were built on lies,

Sorry I am lost in all these tears,

Mirror...Listen to me.....mirror please.

Dress up and smile

Is what you encouraged me since I was a child,

You taught me to be bold but now I feel old,

Mirror...mirror why do I feel so cold?

Mirror...mirror....Please listen to me.

© 2018 Winnie Sagina

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