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Mirror never tells a lie - response to the word prompt by Brenda Arledge, week 19

Umesh is a freelance writer contributing his creative writings on varied subjects in various sites and portals in the internet.


This poem is inspired by the word prompt that our fellow hubber Brenda Arledge gives to us every week. This week 19 word 'Mirror' provoked me to pen down my humble thoughts on our lives and their reflections in the mirror.

It is said that mirror never tells a lie and why it shouldn't when it is seeing with piercing eyes straight inside us. If one wants to know the truth about oneself mirror is the place where one can interrogate and honestly try to find out the answers to all the questions about oneself and one's life.

This poem is an effort to depict the conversation between a person who has some misunderstandings about oneself and wants to get help, advices, and clarifications from the mirror.

Mirror is an impartial, balanced, and unbiased entity and would give proper explanation or answer to the doubts and queries of the individual bringing one to realise where does one stand in one's life in this difficult world.

Mirror never tells a lie

I thought I was beautiful,
And people would adore me.
I went to the mirror to find the truth,
It showed me an image very ordinary.

I thought I was very learned,
And went to the mirror.
It asked me some questions,
Which I could not answer.

I thought everyone liked me,
Wanted to firm up it.
Asked the mirror for a confirmation,
Found I was a misfit.

I thought I would be successful in life,
I went to mirror for the advices.
It laughed on me and negated,
No chance with so many vices.

I thought the fault was with the mirror,
I was avoiding it in all my fear.
I went to say good bye to it,
It grinned and told that fault was in my eyes.

© 2021 Umesh Chandra Bhatt

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