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Mirror a Reminder - Poem Inspired by Brenda's Prompt

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Rozlin loves composing poems and sharing them with her readers. She pours her heart in her every write up.


The Background Story

Brenda has again come up with a new word prompt. This week, she has given us word, “Mirror”. I found this word prompt bit difficult. After having an afternoon nap, my muse got up with a inspiration.

Not all kinds of human beings on this planet have time to look in the mirror, one of a kind is “Mother”.

Right from the birth to the school life of kids or until they become independent, Mother’s life is very busy. Even if a newborn baby is sleeping at the daytime, she will not sleep. She will make the maximum use of this time before her kid wakes up. This time she will not use it for herself, instead she will go for completing her household chores.

When her kid starts going to school, haste is added to her busy life. Her morning starts with a quick shower, then a quick healthy breakfast with kid and then she would quickly dress up her kid. She would have a glance in the mirror in the morning before moving out of the house with the kid, to drop him to the school bus.

Her responsibilities are not over here, then there is the rest of the family she must look after. Without expecting anything in return, she constantly works hard to feed the family with different delicacies and raise children well. Even if she wants to pamper herself, she does not find time.

The following poem is all about a mother and her glance at the mirror. Hope Brenda and my hubber friends like it.


Mirror a Reminder

While running towards the kitchen,

she caught herself in the mirror on her cupboard door.

She had a close look.

It showed her tired face,

dark circles under her eyes,

and blackheads on her nose.

She noticed that she forgot herself.

She forgot to take care of herself,

while busy looking after the family.

Self-love is not selfish she realizes.

Some rest is important for her too.

She decided to pamper herself,

to enjoy the unknown span of life.

She speaks to herself with compassion

to radiate peace outside.

Her anxiety and depression reduce to some extent.

When she smiled looking at the mirror,

It made her accept and trust herself more.

Restoring back her self-confidence she stared at herself.

Looking in the mirror, she falls in love with her own look.

Sometimes you have to unplug yourself from the world for a moment, so you can reset yourself.

— Unknown

The Prayer of Supplication

There is a prayer, a Muslim is supposed to recite when looking at the mirror. It has a very beautiful meaning. I will write here the translation, “O Allah (God), just as you have made my physical appearance beautiful, make my character beautiful as well.”

© 2021 Rozlin

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