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Miracles (a poem of inspiration)


A knowing mother's smile, about the precious birth of her new born baby child,

The most gentle caress, sweet memories, to rest, snuggled up close, so mild.

This miracle of birth and likeness is seen, as sweetest finger's touch, all the while,

The joyous pangs of birthing, a mother's most dutiful task, then is so reconciled.


Life's beautiful gifts of nature, the wild, each gorgeous sunup and sunset,

Upon us everyone, our creator smiled, such a lovely world, he did beget.

The marvelous oceans deep, with its creatures rare, and for us all to share.

Bluest skies, bathed by a warming sun, as seasons come, to show his care.


His bounty and benevolence in the food he gives and spares the world shares,

His forgiveness and acceptance of human faults, this as he hears our prayers.

As his precious son, he so gave to die on that cross, as our worst sins he bears,

Most revered life's breath, given to every creature, this love of all, he so prepares.

Our father watches over us all...

Our father watches over us all...

Every day we hear, see, and to feel his grandest miracles, without fail,

We, as his most beloved children, his fatherly watch, will always prevail.

When our earthly days are all done, our life in heaven has just begun.

This promise so kept as our father, the holy spirit, and the savior, his son.

Follow him...

Follow him...

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