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Life is a Miracle

Nithya Venkat enjoys writing about nature and different aspects of life in the form of poetic verses.


Every day we awaken and live life, living life is a miracle.

Every second is a gift of life, a gift from God.

I have tried to capture these thoughts in the form of the following poems.

I wake up every day,

Feel fresh and breathe deep,

I see the sunshine,

Glorious colors and hues,

I hear the birds twitter,

Smell the fragrance of fresh roses,

I start the day,

Thinking along my way,

A miracle has happened,

I am alive today.

I wake up,

To warm hugs and greetings,

I see the ones I love,

I hear my heart beating,

I laugh and enjoy,

I talk and rejoice,

I have the strength to work,

Accomplish tasks,

Reach goals,

All these are miracles,

Haven't you heard??

I cherish,

I love,

I give

I care,

I live for the day,

I hope for tomorrow,

Day after day,

Living my life

I wish for everyone,

To receive

The gift of tomorrow.


Live Life - Life is a Miracle

Live life,

Be happy,

Pass on a smile.

Live life,

Forgive and forget,

Be generous and kind.

Live life,

Donate to charity,

Help out the needy.

Live life,

Do your duty,

Never fail.

Live life,

Never postpone,

Today is the day.


Thank Thee

© 2012 Nithya Venkat