Miracle RHYMES

Updated on January 15, 2018
This is Marcus Williams 1st Interception
This is Marcus Williams 1st Interception

Miracle Play

The Saints came out after halftime.
Looking to unwind.
Looking to get rolling.
Just wondering when it's coming.
The Vikings slowed down.
The defense held them down.
They didn't score or get a field goal.
But saints too were put on hold.
As the quarter went on.
The rust started to be gone.
Saints didn't score yet.
But they stopped the Vikings offense.
Their offense did get better.
But they did not score until later.
Once the 4th started.
They got the spark they wanted.
The Saints scored again.
Making the scol nation cringe.
Vikings have to answer.
There is time left in the quarter.
The Saints are ahead.
Looking to put Vikings to bed.
Instead, Vikings make it a game.
Kicking a field goal to change.
Changing the momentum.
But saints go right back at them.
They kick and make the field goal.
Leaving a bruise on the scols.
The fans are in shock.
Their team suddenly stopped.
Only 6 points the second half.
The Vikings need a field goal.
Three points and they win at home.
They use up their timeouts.
Making their fans be in doubt.
They need a miracle now.
They get together to find out how.
How to pull this game.
Their fans are feeling ashamed.
Because they blew the game in a half.
Saints have a chance to have.
Have the final laugh.
But their defense didn't seem to have.
As much energy, they started with.
They lost control the first saints.
The first seven points by the saints.
They miracle may come too late.
Keenum throws up a prayer.
In the same direction where.
Where he turned the ball over.
Risked throwing to the same player.
But STEFON DIGGS caught it.
Diggs scored on the final play.
Stunning all who witnessed the play.

This is Marcus Williams missed play
This is Marcus Williams missed play

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