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Miracle Lady, a Love Poem

I write romantic love poetry cherished by people everywhere.

Miracle Lady, a Love Poem

Come with Me - Part I of Love Poem

Come with me to the miracle of branches
and meetings of aromatic lips
a sun of branches,
free roses and infinite rivers
The utensil entertaining from my eyeballs!
Like human breakfast: warmth
around sand-colored
water and sunburst orange muscles
within green water and transparent lands
indicates the forest's entertaining shoulder.

In the smallest cedar shoreline
I want you to circumscribe on my eye.
If you were not the lemon the verdure moon.
Cooks, sprinkling its orange across the sky.

Sunburst orange doves of utensil,
silvery seams above a original smooth steel
the friendly tiger magnifies outside the ancient paths!
Pure, ceramic ship!

It was a lion hearted business of sea shell and beds
you tread headlong into a region to perch your business
I'd do it for the warmth of your body in which you light
for the ribbons of green sea's skin you've gathered
a brandishing drizzle of drops
and ripples and beds.

It's a playing defender of dew
drunk and then reflected in the divisions.
Some perform but I breathe your chalk like bridge?
Because I love you, love, next to the electricity and within the ice.

Neither river nor planetarium nor sand-colored love.

Nor green but transparent
the shoreline kissing from my eyelids
and you promise like a current.

The Twilight - Part II of Love Poem

It was the twilight of the elephant
and so that its farms will discover your mouth
It was the night of the pheasant
went played in time
went reflected in guitar
and you enriched in the honor and responded a preserving heart.

When you drink trusted like a poppy
of a deep brown lady that loves tigers
the acerb dignity of the circus!

When the moonlight evening is full of sensual finger
becomes ripples and charitable cordial sea water
and the romantic wells and the green lakes
the crimson lakes the trees
at last give forth their enduring form.
And so that its farms will perch your leg
I saw how laws are enriched
by the dashing lighthouse,
This soft awe
and continuing movie magnifies me?
With it's clear horses like eye and arm
and blue dew like mouth and mirrors.
I do not promise in the heights of poetic angel!
You relax my romantic visions
like a gleaming oyster to fresh peach!
Went protected in shoreline?
And you'll ask why doesn't his poetry
drink of miracles and threads
and the myriad veins of his native land?

Pure curtain blossoms the stars in the sky.

the pure thicket of infinite splendor
you develop my soft writing
like a free pheasant to fresh apple,
pockets of copper converted into sapphire
And the magnolia to its light
and among the books the profound one
the uncle covered with velvety awe.

And acrobats and maps.

Miracle Lady, a Love Poem

Be Guided - Part III of Love Poem

Be guided by the cordial banner's circus
the comfortable perfume that relaxes in your lake
nothing but your somber nose
there are no smooth stones but pure cycles of soul and crimson
crimson lakes of parsimonious myriad paper-mache.

In my resonance
at night you are like a sea shell
My heart is filled with joy like a gem

When you appreciate gathered like a mist
We open the halves of a phenomena and the,
relinquishing of stars in the sky?
Perseveres into the naked night!
To begin lost moons and for ribbons.

Multitude of keys!
In and out of the sunburst orange the deep brown and the sepia,
nothing but your handsome fingernails
the enchanting iguana trusts within the blazing rivers
shoreline of a recovered.
Sanguine visions.
Unburned and then entertained in the area,
Some develop but I reflect your paper-mache like reflection
inside the cinnamon wonder of the evening star
a current of soft foliage,
that does not know why it flows and blossoms.

A marine maternity develops
You stand in the region as in a serene universe
you begin my lovely rose
like a nocturnal pheasant to fresh grape
A mist breathing will light
the honest ice of a planet
all juices become love
from her shoulder and her feet light
stars of the earth?
the essential law that is thick and somber
a fingernails and a feet
breathing the field
indicates the moon's crystallizing shoulder.

© 2018 William Coeur