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Minute Men United


As a leader in this big world, the most powerful United States,

No country is stronger or is truer, America is one of the greats.

Minutemen, as of the Revolution, always ready to make a stand,

All Take stock of every situation, with a weapon in every hand.

No enemy dares to encroach or ever to so foolishly approach us,

We will never take threats as empty words, nor do hastily to rush.

We have protected people of the world as well as that of our own,

World wars, skirmishes around the globe, our bravery was shown.


We are much like wise owls, very watchful, always so steady,

Keeping our vigilance, all prepared our protection at the ready.

Backing up the military and supporting them as best we can,

We'll be there, and to be counted on, courageous, every man.

Every enemy does so quake, while in their boots they shake,

Knowing that when you take us on, it's a very costly mistake.

We've shown this in World War One and just like number two.

If you messing with the bull, you get the horns, when you do.


It's our actions that mean the most, not just a silly word,

Threats and faints, full of bologna, this is so often heard.

When it gets right down to it, courage does make a man,

Hiding behind your uniform, not anyone can understand.

All the rockets shown on display, the tanks and ships alike,

Can't equal what we've got inside, so foes can take a hike.

Big shows, nothing but stuffing, it's turkey's meat, to count,

True grit, of every soldier, each enemy's plans to surmount.


We will always be on guard, watching each move around the world,

Like a game of chess, there is no gambling, as our flag's unfurled.

Every false move, a countermove, thinking way ahead of the game,

If enemies attack, their destruction awaits, defeated and in shame.

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