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Mindset Alone


Reach the deepest corners of my mind

Travel to darkest ends of time

Push the limits just a bit more

Bury deep what hurts your core

Blankest stares as shadowy dreams arrive

Clogging and hazy thoughts survive

Channel inner monsters through

Portals closed now open to you

Breaking slowly trying to know where to stop

Put pressure on these stitched emotions soon to pop

Throw a smile on to confuse them you are not in pain

Make happy conversation to show you are not insane

Travel through timeless thoughts of decency

But I still focus on the current tragedy

Positivity seems to be farfetched for now

Engulfing me negative characters that prowl

I thought one day I would deserve the very thing

That others destroy even though they attached a ring

I fall into a tapestry of what I covet the most

It breeds inside me while I become the host

Stay hopeful they say but soon it becomes real

That this very thing I may never feel

We are the zombies that control this drone

I have come accustomed to this company of alone


Ryan (author) from Louisiana, USA on February 11, 2018:

Thank you. Glad to be back. I am glad to be getting back into my writing.

Mary Wickison from Brazil on February 11, 2018:

I wondered why we hadn't read anything from you recently.

It sounds like you've got a lot on your mind. I find it difficult to write when I'm in a downward spiral. Shame really, it's supposed to be therapeutic, or so they say.

Glad you're back.

Ryan (author) from Louisiana, USA on February 10, 2018:

Thank you Linda and Mana. Glad to be back. It feels good to be missed. I appreciate the love. I am pushing myself more to write again. Been busy with a new career and enjoying life in a new state.

manatita44 from london on February 10, 2018:

The drone is like a sad tale. But again, you sAy that we control it. More food for thought. Carry on bro. Missed you.

Linda Lum from Washington State, USA on February 10, 2018:

Ryan, I have missed your writing. So good to see you here today. This is indeed a very dark poem but done very well.

Ryan (author) from Louisiana, USA on February 10, 2018:

Glad to be back. And thank you. I am doing well. Trying to get back to writing.

FlourishAnyway from USA on February 10, 2018:

Ryan, glad to see you back. This is a somber poem full of reflection. Hope you are doing well.

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