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Wrote it this afternoon on my way home after a long meditation session.


Every second of every day that has come to be
partakes in the development of our outer self
In the nuance of each moment, we imagine
our outer self as our only reality
the sum of all collective knowledge
perceived downside up, and upside down
an enigma unto it's own entity

It gathers outer knowledge based on
information acquired by eye, ear, sex,
smell, emotion, response
also known as the conditioned mind.

Let's get some things straight, so that
none might be left behind.


Are we victims of random encounters in life
that come to be, what we see,
how they made us feel?
Just perception and no more?

Are we slaves to every luxury and need
once again, just a reaction forevermore?
or do we live in the past,
longing for the days of yore?

Are we adopting society's dreams, wishes, hopes
in order to find happiness, so then,
just imitation, and nothing more?
Or are we in stuck the future,

chasing dreams and fantasies
conjuring silly tricks, a child's lore? Nevermore!


But wait, how are we analyzing all this?
Who is the observer and who is the observed?
How do I differentiate between the two?
This is all I can give you, a meandering clue:

One lives in the now, in awe and bewilderment
Flying weightless over the clouds
in complete mastery of origin of all thought
and the destination of every emotion


Let's get down to business about this
other one you always ask me about:

This one lives in the past and the future
weighed heavy with knowledge
Confusion and chaos
Unable to contain emotion,
Interweaves pictures of all manner
evoking desire, lust, pleasure and the like

Plans within plans within plans
First, a picture, then a scenario, the actors,
the stage, the orchestra

The accumulation of all that raw data
acquired since my thought came into being
gets thrown into a blender, extracting
maximum pleasure from all things ever
experienced, since the beginning of the first experience:

Juicy, shameful, rotten, dark, humble, heroic, erotic; HUMAN.

The show begins:


Question: Where did my mind go?
Answer: It went into creative mode.

Giving birth to all aspects of my collected data
recreating the past, inventing future scenes
of love and passion, lust and want,
murder and mystery, death and grief,
spaceships and time travelling pirates

flying away from supernovae,
dying in black holes
beating up a bullies from high school
conquering dungeons, killing dragons, trolls.

Ever changing roles, shifting ceaselessly
Now a hero, now a villian, then a celebrity!
A savior, Saint, demon, fighter, murderer, rapist.
Kissing the inner thighs of an A.I. by night
by day seeking therapy,
from some counselor wannabe.

Sliping and sliding needlessly,
just to feed fantasy

Now negotiating the price of fuel
for interstellar space travel
next second an adulterer, a thief
a sexual predator on death row
a junkie on the streets,
with a mouth full of drool.

This is observer data, don't tell the observed.


So the wise ones always say
Let go of knowledge, discard your accumulation
experience life directly in the now,
stop the inner dialogue

Breathe and return to the present; become breath
and then listen carefully to who you are
where you come from, and where are are going
how and why it is important to ground yourself
in the Divine sea of nothingness.

© 2019 Mo Durrani

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