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Mind Racing

So much on my mind
Tryna bind them together
Weather the storm I continuously have in my head
Thoughts all over the place
Mind racing
I'm stressed out I'm stressed out
Cant handle the thoughts in my head
All I think about before I go to bed
Recurring pain from these thoughts That they have brought
It's ok, everything is going to be ok
That's all I keep hearing but it's never ok
It's a battle up there
Dont nobody know that
Fake a smile once in a while just to seem ok
Hide my true feelings cause dont nobody care
Just a fear of some things
A bunch of overthinking, mixed feelings
Tryna find my path in life
A path that's right for me
Focusing on what I'm thinking
Rather than what's in front of me
Try to let things be
But if something's bothering me of course its gonna effect me
Jumbled up brain
Hidden deep pain
That I cant seem to control
Unless something controls it for me...

© 2019 Riah Doll

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