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Milk & Honey

Daydreaming nihilist. Code maniac with a coffee addiction. Music, movie buff. High functioning alcoholic.

Artwork by Alexis Eke

Artwork by Alexis Eke

I'm on my last glass and feelings' crippling

My thoughts have left me seared

You know you are everything, from the beginning

You have nothing to fear

My nightmares get worse. The air is thickening.

Am I still worth it, dear?

I'll find you, although times are a changing

We are steadier

Than the demon's reign

I was in town today. Still bleak in a crowd.

I couldn't hold my tears

Give yourself time to find a better ground

Ill be right by your side, here

Am I losing my mind with no one around?

Is it just me? Are you real?

You have to move on and be found

We are tighter

Than the threads of steel

And when you walk down that aisle again in a veil,

And be someone else's shield

And when you find your heart in a different sphere

And when you've washed your memories with his

Im grey and dust but those days are green

Thank you. A movie I play on repeat

I'm not so much a speaker, either

Love, you are sweeter

Than milk and honey

A woman who loses her partner some time ago is questioning her sanity having lived alone in their home all this while without any interaction with the outside world, still crippled by her grief but fighting her thoughts and trying to see a future by speaking to her late partners voice of reason inside her head.

© 2021 W h o I s I

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