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Milk Pail Stella


Milk pail Stella is always looking for a fellow,

You can hear her calling her milk cows in her country bellow,

No guys ever asked her out---mostly because they were yellow.

No chicken-hearted man for me,

I want one, who can just be,

And it has to be a real he.

So early every morn---she walks through the wheat and corn,

To search to see if a new calf is born,

And if it is---her heart is torn.

Whether to sell it or keep it near,

Each sweet little calf makes her heart cheer,

And to the safe barn he is taken--- because coyotes she does fear.

Now country life is her heaven,

All her brothers count as seven,

Now Milk Pail Stella is ten plus eleven.

So, it is time she took a fellow,

Family is hoping she will mellow,

And maybe stop her loud bellow.

Family ponders if there is one so brave,

He cannot be a knave,

They cannot live in a cave.

So, after years on---pondering,

The family’s time was--- squandering,

Stella’s mate must be---wandering.

The seven brothers travel the country side,

Looking to make Sister Stella a bride,

But none of the men--- she would abide.

Now Stella can still---be heard bellowing,

And no---she is not mellowing,

Her Wedding dress---is now yellowing.

© 2022 Barbara Purvis Hunter

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