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Migrant Worker

While I was tightly holding on to my plane ticket

I made sure the hundred dollars is in my pocket

I will be leaving for work in another country

A place that I've googled about only recently

With my mind and heart set in sight to earn more money

I tried to ignore all my doubts, fears, and misery

I'm ready to endure and sacrifice willingly

For the sake of my dreams and that of my family

Different climate, culture, language, and workplace

I work doubly hard so they can look beyond my race

I find solace in my family's happy faces

Every month that I get to send my monthly wages

While some have achieved far more than what they have aspired

Others went back home and failed to rise from their quagmire

But many are still standing, trying to survive and fight

With blood, tears, sweat, they will continue with all their might

I know my journey has just started and yet to end

I hope for fewer troubles, only good days ahead

Focus and work hard for my dreams and never to roam

Until I am ready to go back to my sweet home


© 2021 Harriet Dionela

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