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Might Be

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I'm currently into poetry and would like to give it a try! Please tell me if you have any suggestions. I hope you like it!

Might Be

I would like to smile and laugh

with every single second I have

but every time I try, I end up frowning and

saying Good Bye

The circle they call Friendship,

wasn't so easy as I thought

I walk my way back home,

curled under my bed,

praying at the heavens above;

"Please show me a way because I have

definitely have lost mine"

With every single passing day,

with every second I've got,

I start to smile on my own, and watch the

memories in my Phone

Tearing up as I realize that this night,

Might be my last Good Bye

Mother, I'm sorry I wasn't a perfect child

Father, I hope I made you proud

Brother, I'm sorry I wasn't caring enough

and to my younger sibling,

I wish that you had a chance to live

With every single passing day,

With every second I pray,

that this day will be a happier day

They say Yesterday is already history,

Tomorrow is a Mystery and to me

Everyday is Misery,

so I close my eyes and hid

behind a broken mask

I would like to smile and laugh,

with every second I've got but

it's already the end of me and

there's nothing else I've got....

© 2019 Nafisa