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Midnight's Guide - Soliloquy

The night sky is such a daunting vision

Intrusive reminders of my despair

Will I always be detached like this?

Or will I finally let go of fear?

Cautious isolation is not in my control

Like how midnight is infinite

What’s the point in struggling through this?

I want assurance that I will change

But that’s unavailable for someone like me

I’m stuck in a constant loop of bitterness and depression

Stuck in survival mode instead of truly living

The stars look so close together

But in reality, they’re miles away from each other

I understand how lonely they may be

A burned out light, a dying star— a nova

That’s how I picture myself

There’s a certain beauty in that perhaps


It’s peaceful, yet numbing

Inescapable thoughts roam freely through my mind

To make a change means to struggle more

Maybe that isn’t so bad

As long as the stars guide my way


© 2018 A Lin Hunter

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