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Midnight Reveries

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Just a regular guy (frustrated writer, artist and musician) currently bored at his day job and life in general.

Comfortably laying in my bed, As random thoughts fills my head, plans for tomorrow, new things to do, scenarios that wouldn't likely to happen too. The moon in the sky, shining bright Blackbirds starts singing in the dead of night As i start gripping my pillows tight My lucid mind takes flight. As my sweet reverie start, Hopes and dreams starts to fill my heart, As i turn my imaginations into works of art, I hope that the things i love will never part. those distant places i want to go, New wonders set to explore and to cope. Flamboyant sceneries my eyes craves to thrill, And its peculiar but tranquil ambiance i yearn to feel Those people i've loved, known and missed, might come and go like the morning mist, As their vivid memories fills my head with bliss, i suddenly felt the sandman's kiss As my mind ponders and drifts away, The night is slowly shifting into day, And as my consciousness begins to fade, Good night, sweet dreams, go forth, set sail

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