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Midnight Whispers

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Flo is in love with composing haiku. In her ramblings and musings, she also writes on a variety of topics. Thoughts just flow limitless!

It's close to midnight again and thoughts always run wild. How each night that passes brings so much unbridled memories - of past misgivings, present regrets, and future daydreams. The rain joins in, calming this rambling amygdala: a sphere of emotions that turns me hyperventilating. But the air conditioner don't want to be defeated and so it choruses with the noise, and I have gladly ridden with its trick not abashed nor grew meek. I checked my phone it's 1:46, angel number that tells "just write and be alright, release your fears, and wipe your tears." And so I pen until the dawn. The overpowering darkness seems to have a mind of its own beating the downpour until both have become fierce. Yet all that I witnessed were music to my soul, delighting, assuaging, until I went falling into the deep recesses of my imaginings, negligent of the cruel surroundings.

I cannot sleep
it's 2:00 am
and thoughts run deep.

I hear the rain
its calming fame
me breathing thru the night.

AC running, rumbling noise
no I'm not annoyed
but just a witness to its ploy.

Angel number 146
I watch the clock
and hear tick tock.

A home in bliss
romance is near
said angels dear.

Yet still alone
and so I write
until the dawn.

Outside the shadows
the downpour grows.

And so... I slowly fall
into a slumber
... total surrender.


© 2020 Flo