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Midnight Sonata

Natasha Alva is a first time poet who enjoys reading novels and writes poetry as her pastime. She posts her poetry on Instagram.

He was always the best.

An interesting prodigy he is.

As he steps on the stage with the spotlight shining upon him, everything freezes except him.

Sitting down and resting his hands on the piano, preparing to play the first notes of the sonata, everyone held their breaths.

Hitting the first note begins the long journey of the midnight sonata.


The first notes reminds her of the first time they met.

A shy and gifted violinist meeting an arrogant and selfish pianist.

The cowardice suited him very well.

It was no surprise that his dates never lasted.

His awkwardness when surrounded with people in the same industry as his has always surprised her.

First movement began with how he mocked her apparel, saying foolish things of a woman's talents.

Shocked by how she stood her ground by taking her defense mixed with bitterness and pain, he was out of words and left the field of battle discontented.

She would never forget the day wondering what she ever did wrong to the piano prodigy.

As the days pass by, these two continue to meet at the prestigious music school.

It was a cold war for them.

However, this pianist could not fathom the capabilities of the beautiful violinist who can beat him in composing and songwriting.

He has never seen her before so why show up now?

The violinist continues to avoid the piano prodigy to let her focus on her music but they still cross paths with each other.

As of that moment, a tug of war ensues.


Moving on to the second movement where the cold war continues.

As the the pianist became too curious of his enemy's whereabouts discovers a glimpse of the violinist's story.

Seeing her play her unique songs at midnight on the rooftop of their dormitory building, thinking nobody would find her made him realize that she is truly gifted.

As for the violinist, her early mornings for practice were interrupted as hearing dark melodies playing across an empty hall, seeing his anger and frustrations.

She has now seen his lonesome moments.

The prodigy may have been famous in the outside world but is bullied in the inside.

Discovering both their stories may have continued the bantering, but formed an alliance in the end.

Secret meetings on the rooftop became their routine.

Joking and laughing on their random thoughts became an anticipated conversation.

For the first time, the violinist saw the piano prodigy's genuine smile and she thought it may be a start of something else.

The piano prodigy can no longer ignore that for the first time in his life, he's not alone anymore.

Seeing each other every midnight began an impeccable bond.

He wished this lasts a lifetime.


Months after their interactions became a budding romance for the third movement.

Such a wondrous couple they were.

Playing together felt like magic.

For the two, anything was possible.

They were a force to be reckoned.

And yet, a growing relationship also brought the realization that their competitive spirits got in the way of their happiness.

In the end, they fell out of love.


As the final movement of the sonata was being played,

the violinist closed her eyes and imagined how it would have been if their relationship


A mirage of their happiest moments came into light.

Opening her eyes and staring at the piano prodigy with tears pouring out of her eyes because all of it seems unclear and sad.

After playing his last notes, the piano prodigy felt total silence.

When he turned he saw her.

Filled with happiness for she came also turned into regret and shame, guilty for all of his mistakes, wishing he could turn back time to be with her.

The violinist wiped her tears and gave a small smile.

Before leaving the auditorium, she gave her last look of proudness and assurance that it was alright and gave her farewell.

The crowd applauded the piano prodigy with praises and delight and despite all that fame, he was not happy.

He immediately ran off the stage after the performance, searching for her.

However, she was already gone.

He continued his passion at the cost of losing his only true muse.

All is lost from the prodigy.


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