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Michael, One Second


What Does That Really Mean?

It depends on the time of the day

Where we are

Who we are with

Most of all

There are unwritten laws between a husband and wife

I will give a few examples

When my wife is cooking

I want to show her my latest writing

She is in the middle of preparing a meal

It means....

Now is not the time

When she is writing out bills

Do not disturb

Come back later

This is more important

We have to make sure we pay our bills ontime

When she is just getting up from a deep sleep

Not now can't it wait

There are times when we are food shopping

I think of something out of the blue

Once again perfect timing on my part

She repeats her words real slow

When she is in the middle of watching the news

I was just about to hear the weather

So I hear those magic words ringing in my ears

Michael, one second ending in Please

I will return in a bit

Then I know I will have your full attention

Life is funny that way

We all have our moments

Sometimes more than most

Always loving each other

Not always at the same time


DREAM ON (author) on February 26, 2021:

Gypsy Rose Lee I am glad you are sharing your love with cats in your neighborhood. They must be filled with joy. I will try it with Charlotte. She paces back and forth and cuts in between our legs. Most of the time Charlotte is so sweet. Every day is filled with a little more love. Charlotte misses Sid and wants you to know she will never forget all the fun stories you shared. Have a lovely weekend.

Gypsy Rose Lee from Daytona Beach, Florida on February 21, 2021:

For company, I have the outside cats sometimes come in and stay for a while. I have learned to respond to their demands by saying "Just hang a second, hang" I am not sure how I mean it but basically for them to wait until I can do or get for them what they want, It might be a cat thing I have started you can try this with Charlotte the next time she gets demanding and see what happens.

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