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My Love for You


You are my whole life.

You don't know how

much I love you.

You're my World.

Your presence is all

that I need. Yes, if

you are with me then it

will be a happy day.

I never make any

promises that I can't

keep. My promise to

you is that I will

always be by your side.

I never want to

separate from you.

I fall in love more and more

with each passing day.

Now I promise that my
heart is yours. It will

always be so. I never

want to share my life

with anyone other

than you.

I know that our

circumstances are

a little difficult, but

while I can I will be

by your side.

I never want to be apart

from you. While the

days may change

my love for you

every day grows. You

are everything that I

need to be make happy.

© 2020 Emily

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