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Colours Don't Run!

Today's poem talks about Resurrection. The poets remembers his mothe emphasis on the things that matters.

Green, that is the colour that cried to me.

It wants with all it heart to live.

But it is cut down, put down, forced down,

Like everything of its nature.

Yellow, is the death that lied to me,

It drops like water in the hands of its varnish branches,

Begging me to plug it from its life source.

Limping, Swerving, Dying.

Colours don't Run


White, is the evil that you embrace.

It puts in what nature calls holy.

Calling its own creator unholy,

As it dazzles your eyesight with your folly.

Black, is the truth, that is naked,

Bare of cleanliness and dirt.

It stands strong and nude

Daring you to break boundary to embrace its Truth.

© 2020 Akinkunmi Testimony

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