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Mercenary (A Love For Money)


Oh, how I am amazed by your looks

your eyes as crooked as the devil's hooks.

You talk like your something outside is something to brag about what you havin'

the truth is you have nothin'.

"I can't do it anymore," you said to him.

but socially speaking you always sayin'

"thank you, my love" Oh, I’m so high flyin'

when I looked at you it’s the sound of money I’m hearing.

They see you as angel dress it white robe burnish,

feel so hot and angry hell like to see you burn in a furnace,

Oops! that's a way to bad to say,

what I’m gonna say open your eyes and pray.

I hope you read this letter

or it ain't to make myself feel better.

Look in the mirror brush off the dirt with a feather,

don’t hurt my brother!

Delirious! You aim so much high!

And you say I remember someone like him who aim to fly high?

Silly you gold digger you flashed your bass with brass!

You’re a hot killer you need a healer!

I send my words upon you so you gotta think!

your momma raise you not as what you are like,

hit you with words, to tell you,

you gotta change!

Hot killer a gold digger might need a real healer.

Oh! but I am amazed how you managed to stay looking like you have a life so expensive,

people asking a question why you’re so defensive?

An act of lie! You defy all the words of your friends you pretend they’re a lie,

what’s the use you abused the mind?

With your propaganda feed from fear

that's black propaganda!

You need a healer!

You naughty digger,

in the end, someone will dig for you digger.

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