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Mending in Shadows

Oxygen turned suffocating, inhales pollution

Flatness of water, I gulp poison

Munching thorns,

And crunches of rusted metal

Are nutrients and minerals;

T’was simply a plead of soft bread.

Drowned by nothingness, soul reaching out

Extending, begging

For something, manifesting life

Wishing for warmth

From staunch arm of authenticity.

All bodies surviving scorching heat

Flashfloods, winters and sun.

Turned into an armor,

As knight go expeditions -

Chance of coming back, in

One piece always far-fetched.

Dwelling on bottomless loop,

Silence is booming, deafening.

Wailing no use, as of heart

Pleading for love, useless

Desperation for attention, yet this I cried.

Being cold, freezes blood

At darkness, eyes are safe from direct

Sunlight – disappearing at night

Then alone with the moon – ain’t enough

To fill the huge hollow I, myself,

Made from mending in shadows.

© 2021 Kathrine S