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Men Who Understand the Value of Women

Samuel Malik Canty: the Word Bird. I am the author of Five Poetry Books, I understand my Purpose, and my words are my proof...


Men Who Understand

When allowed to shine and grow most women are unique...

More than just beautiful they have exhibited Goddess qualities...

Words like Strength, Compassionate, and Unconditional Love is saturated in their very existence..

This is a poetic testimony to Honor the Daughters of Mother Earth...

I am a Representative of the Men Who Understand what a Great Honor it is to Pay Tribute to Women.

We understand and know that One Month of recognition for Women will always come up short in giving women their just due.

One Month? For someone whose very nature is to Nurture, Protect, Raise and Save a Family.

One Month? For someone who has given her life for her children, given up her dreams for her mate and children.

One Month? For All the Women who work a nine to five with stress dominating on their insides as they survive with pride.

One Month? For All those Women, who on a daily basis face the trials of raising a family alone, facing racism and sexism alone.

On this day we, the Men of Understanding, Bow to every woman in our view because we see the Jewels in You, we see the Flowers in You, and we know that without you there would be no Populations or Nations.

Glow every day in the many names that are worthy of your Strength, Beauty, Grace, and Abilities to Survive the Harshest Storms that Man and Life Sometimes brings to you.

Glow with your walk and talk, in your heels and flats, Glow for you are known for unconditional love and a warrior’s mentality when you need be.

Glow with your Black skin, Brown skin, Fair skin and Light skin, Glow because you have the ability to bring forth life.

Enjoy This Month and Every Day because We The Men of Understanding, know that God was just showing off when He Made You.

Men Who Understand

© 2013 Malik S Canty

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