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Men in Black 1

After contacting aliens they sent refugees.
Living on earth secretly.
Most of them disguised as normal humans.
Most in an area that's metropolitan.
One night the police capture a few.
Think they are a just a regular crew.
Agent K and D show up suddenly.
Detecting alien activity.
Agent K and D find their suspicion.
Was not in vain when one manifested.
That one was eventually killed.
Those cops saw that aliens are real.
Agent K wiped their memory.
While Agent D considered resigning.
Agent K looked for another partner.
Agent J became his next Partner.
Meanwhile, in upstate New York.
An alien illegally crash lands in New York.
Killing Edgar, the farmer.
Then disguises himself as the farmer.
The Alien this goes to the city.
& kill two aliens disguising.
Disguising themselves as humans.
Searching for something.
While Agent K's investigating.
Investigating the Crash.
He concludes the type of alien.
Was an aggressive cock-roach type.
That killed through the days and nights.
K feels that his death may spark a war.
He and J then get informed.
That the missing galaxy.
Is a massive source of energy.
The bug takes the galaxy.
& a battleship fires a warning.
Demanding they return the galaxy.
For if they don't they are destroying.
Destroying the earth.
Instead, they save the earth.

Tommy Lee Jones
Agent K
Will Smith
Agent J

Men in Black 2

Agent K's retired and living life.
Monitoring his own life.
Agent J takes over.
J is his former partner.
J is his replacement.
He investigates a murdered alien.
He's informed by LAURA.
That the killers are undercover.
Undercover Aliens.
Disguised as regular humans.
She said they were looking.
Looking for something.
J secretly has an attraction.
Knowing that it's a violation.
But Laura is just too beautiful.
But he has to let her go.
He erases her memories.
In the midst, he learns one thing.
That whatever it is they wanted.
Has power and they want it.
He still investigates.
Finding every lead points to agent K.
K has retired.
But he had something they thought expired.
K became a postmaster.
That's he chose a little after.
A little after he retired.
But he has workers undercover.
Undercover Aliens.
Agent J deals with two aliens.
They attack another.
This time it's the headquarters.
K's memory can't be reversed.
They immediately think the worse.
But JACK JEEBS tells them not to.
Informing that he knows what to do.
He has a device to reverse.
K's memory so he could work.
Work alongside J.
He regains some but not all the way.
He has clues of what they need.
Discussing why they keep coming.
They obtain a locker key.
J hides Laura for her safety.
The key they have opens a locker.
With tiny aliens that worship.
They all worship K as their diety.
K is always guarding.
Guarding their sacred relics.
So they help him find the aliens.
The Zarthan Queen.
Entrusted the secret society.
To keep her light from her nemesis.
Serleena is her nemesis.
That's also the alien that attacked.
That one actually led the pack.
K lost his memory to not reveal.
Where he hid the light that will seal the deal.
But he knows it must return soon.
For if it doesn't, the earth is doomed.
Serleena kidnapped Laura.
Believing that Laura.
Has the light of Zartha.
But agents J & K free Laura.
They also free the other agents.
Serleena goes and chases.
Chasing them around the city.
But a gigantic worm in the city.
Eats her while Agents J and K.
Prepare to send the light away.
They realize why it rains when Laura is sad.
She's the light Zartha thought she hadn't had.
Laura is where it was hidden.
She was the key to stop the destruction.

Tommy Lee Jones
Agent K
Will Smith
Agent 6
Laura Flynn Boyle

Men In Black 3

BORIS the animal.
Is a well known alien criminal.
Has escaped from prison.
Arrived on earth on a mission.
Wanting revenge on Agent K.
He was put in prison by Agent K.
He confronts K while he's with J.
But J sees it another way.
K deployed the ArcNet.
A shield that has prevented.
Prevent the Boglodites from conquering earth.
K saved the earth.
Causing them to be extinct.
Boris wants K for destroying his family.
Boris goes to kill Agent K.
None understands why he wants K.
They all think K is dead.
With him, dead nothing will protect.
So J travels back to save K
He's the only protector in this present day.
Soon as J arrives.
He searches and finds.
Boris, but he is discovered.
Shortly after, he's captured.
He informs them why he's there.
They then show him a little care.
He and Agent K follow clues.
That eventually leads them to.
To GRIFFIN. Who senses Boris.
Will escape from prison.
He escapes minutes after.
Briefly free but is captured.
Captured by Boris.
But rescued by the agents.
They Acquire Archnet.
They later pair it with a rocket.
So its deployed in space.
They have saved the human race.

Tommy Lee Jones
Agent K
Will Smith
Agent J
Jermaine Clement

© 2017 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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    • Rhyme Vine Poetry profile image

      Tamara Yancosky Moore 4 months ago from Uninhabited Regions

      Oh, wow; you have all 3 “Men in Rhymes”! Love it. You are very creative and original :-) Excellent!