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Memory of My Love

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Life is too long to be spent alone
A lonely life is hardly a life
Life's challenges, tests, trials and struggles are too mighty to be wet herd alone

For long, I have wandered alone in life
Walked alone in nights and stood alone in fights
For once, I had by my side, a love, a friend, my everything
It is the memory of you which, has kept me up against this world

Last night, in the dead of night, a cold breeze kissed my hairs
Just as your fingers used to caress my hairs
A window opened into my past and brought fore,
the memories of days gone by

Of times when our loving gazes, played for a fleeting instant
But I lived a life in that miniscule moment.
You were the embodiment of moonlight for me
Which broke my dark night of dejection

I sought an eternal escape in you
I longed for your loving embrace
I gave up myself to you,
I surrendered to your overwhelming presence

You became the gravity which calmed my raging sea of emotions.
You shared with me, my life, my fortune and my soul
For you alone, I was a formidable shelter
That would stand against the world's disgust and unrelenting storms of life

Now, you are gone and no longer muse
Without you, my existence has faded away
The world has left me grief stricken
When you left, I went astray in this jungle of life

With me I have your thoughts, your melodies and your fragrance
The fading memory, of the days and nights, I spent in your lap
I am exhausted and have stopped to rest a bit
But it seems like, in your absence, I would wander forever forever.

For me, the drums of time have rolled and stopped
A love lost, a friend gone, a life no more
With time, my life would become weather-stained with years.
My misery will end when the darkness of night,
will swallow the fading moon of my life.

© 2022 Lubasana

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