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I thought of you today

for the first time in weeks.

You still linger at the

back of my mind like

a distant memory

that I cannot escape.

I cannot help but

think of you,

after all you were a

big part of my life

for oh so long.

I thought of you today

and I couldn’t help

but feel the sadness

all over again for

the way that things

went downhill so quick.

You linger in the back

of my mind like a

sour note from a

broken down guitar.

Hearing your name whisper

inside my head is

like hearing a an

unfamiliar chord in a

song I know that

I should have recognized.

I no longer think

of how things used

to be, but instead

look forward to the

way that things are

meant to be now.

Your name no longer

lingers on the tip of

my tongue like a

sip of fine wine that

I have yet to shallow.

Now instead it lingers

only in the most distant

of my memories.

© 2020 Emily

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