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Memories of My Family

I love to read. It was something that was instilled in me by my mother when I was a child. Her inspiration lives on for me to pass along.

I Believe in Memories

We all have memories that flourish in our minds. On some days those echo's from the past consume our thoughts. They dictate our attitudes, and even influence our actions.

They may be memories of good times, or even times of pain and suffering. I believe that each memory, no matter what category they fall into can be used to strengthen us.

The Future of Life

Image by ncb80 from Pixabay

Image by ncb80 from Pixabay

Remembering my Mother - Patricia Ann Frazier (1939 - 2006)

This poem is dedicated to my mother, Patricia Ann Frazier

She loved butterflies and she collected angel figurines. Now she lives in the presence of the angels with the Lord Jesus Christ.

One day we will meet again.

My Mom

Patricia Ann Frazier

Patricia Ann Frazier

Mom, You Were There

When I needed you,

You were there.

I was a tiny lad,

You were there.

When I went to school,

You were there.

When the bullies rallied,

You were there.

When anger tried to rule me,

You were there.

When I needed a kind word,

You were there.

When you didn't agree,

You were there.

When I needed your help,

You were there.

When I needed love,

You were there.

When no one else understood,

You were there.

When the kid's came along,

You were there.

When the family needed you,

You were there.

When God sent His angels, you were there.

When I come home to Heaven,

I know I will see you,

For you are there!!!

Remembering my Dad - Vitus Price Frazier (1936 - 2011)

Thank you for the lessons you taught me.

Vitus Price Frazier

Vitus Price Frazier


Are Dad's Aliens?

Dads are not strange creatures from another planet.

Contrary to what we thought when we were kids or a teen,

Dads are not 100% nuts, just somewhere in-between.

When you are a son, then you are a blessed soul.

At times Dad's may seem a bit weird,

Just pray and let God take control.

A dad is not always a perfect delight,

Like granny's chocolate cake.

Often we are like a bumbling chef,

Who now, and then make a mistake.

Although at times we behave like animals,

That should be caged in a zoo.

Remember to pray for us,

Causes Dad's are people, too.

A Lesson from Dad

Dedicated to my Dad; Vitus Price Frazier.

Thank you for teaching me that no matter what I did with my life to do the very best that I can.

The story behind the quote

When I was young my dad told me that he wanted "every little piece of paper picked up out of the yard when I was cleaning up." I thought that he was just being mean, and unreasonable.

However, years later as an adult, I was working as a groundskeeper, when one early morning as I was cleaning and complaining to myself about the mess that others had deposited upon the grounds, the thought occurred to me to "just leave the rest because it would be there again on the next night."

It was then that his words came into my thoughts and I was encouraged to complete the job and do my best at it.

The next night the mess had returned and I cleaned it up again. "Job security," I told myself.

Racer, Mechanic, Fisherman, Hunter and Grandpa

This poem is dedicated to my grandpa, Raymond L. Jinkins (1925-2002)

Thank you for the memories.

Grandpa Jinkins

Grandpa Jinkins

Grandpa Jinkins

Race Time

Things That Grandpa Loved

Grandpa was a man’s man,

Big and strong without fear.

He could hunt and fish,

Brought home many a deer.

With a Harley, a boat & dune buggy,

He thrilled both girls and boys.

We loved ole Gran dad

He loved us and his toys.

Never such a sportsman,

We bragged of all his feats.

To friends and family alike,

How #90 brought fans from their seats.

He had a deep voice

that sounded low and gruff,

He wasn't a scrawny wimp,

My grandpa was tough.

A stand of pine, near a swamp,

'Twas our first deer hunt.

"Fall asleep" he said,

Near a deer stomp.

He fought a valiant battle,

Against the foe of cancer.

Then God took him home,

Our Savior has the answer.

To My Grandma - Ethel May Jinkins (1922-2002)

These poetic memories are in memory of my grandma, Ethel May Jinkins.

Life is wonderful when I think of your life and all the people that you touched.

Grandma Jinkins


Grandma's Collection of Buttons

Image by Shannon Smith from Pixabay

Image by Shannon Smith from Pixabay

I Couldn't Sleep

I thought of Grandma,

A can of buttons, Ribbons & Bows.

Sleeping under the kitchen table,

Watching veggies grow.

Picnics in the park,

Salads, and picking asparagus.

A craft of the month,

Saved for each of us.

Handsome lad and Froggy went a courtin,

Quilt with antique cars.

To and from Chicago,

A collection of bottles and jars.

Love and help freely given,

Barn parties for many reasons

Grandma loved her garden

Holidays and seasons.

A house in the woods,

47 acres of land.

A lady she was,

Willing to take a stand.

Grateful I am, for all her years,

Fond memories, too.

I’ll see you in Heaven,

Grandma I love you.

© 2019 Kurt Frazier Sr

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