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Memories - The Great Treasures Of The Past

Rosualdo is just an ordinary person with an extraordinary God, who wants to spread God’s words and love through writing articles and poems.


I’m just a perfect nobody

nothing to show off

nothing to attract

like an unloved dead body

destined to throw off

as a useless thing in the tract

No one desires to have a touch

for I'm just like an infectious malady

undesirable to the proud mind

carrying a fearful chaotic clutch

bringing a troublesome anxiety

with annoying and disturbing grind

No one prefers to have a gaze

for I'm just like a polluted water

unpleasant to the haughty sight

delivering an unwelcome blaze

of vast contamination and danger

with the sickening and unwanted plight

Even if I'm nothing in this world

even if I'm detested and undesirable

I still possessed the great treasures

that no one can snatch and hold

with a dominion that is valuable

within my soul’s sealed enclosures

Memories are the great treasures of the past

gives comfort to the agony of the soul

brings joy and smile to the sad heart

provides hope that will surely last

renders strength to achieve the goal

and put on guidance that will never depart

Memories of the past can never be sold

it lives and dwells in the heart forever

flashes back in the mind to recall

the episodes precious than gold

the moments of getting together

and the times of conquering the great wall

© 2021 Rosualdo Ponce

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