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River of Hope

Passionate storyteller striving to create meaningful connections. “Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end”

What was stays in the mirror
of a past moment, one second
when I felt happy, smiled,
doubted and found warm hugs,
when I needed assurance
that I was loved.
Those moments stay with me,
they make me stronger
when storms come near,
they help me recognize
kindred hearts that will join
my smiles and laughter,
support me when I’m sad,
reminding me of the power
that stays in each soul
sharing this life journey.

I am one with the travelers
that helped me up,
showed me the way
out of the crossroads
of forlorn dreams,
The light I met in other souls
was shared with mine,
we grew confident,
with a sense of belonging
beyond the walls of one house
yours, mine,
and the gardens
where we tend flowers
of a dream,
soon to grow wings
land on the peaks of passion,
dipped in the glow
of kindness.

Happy for thoughtful gestures,
amazed by little things,
the breeze,
petals coming my way
to add fragrance to minutes
I spend wandering
on the road.

Then comes tea
and the comfort
of precious home,
filled with the hearts I love
and love me back,
no questions, doubts,
conditions, or betrayals.

They are mine as I am
their own.

© 2021 Amy Christie

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