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Memoirs: What Reminds me of March? Summer and End of School Year Season.

I'm an aspiring writer, poet, and author from the Philippines. Aiming to be a successful poet and author someday! :)

Reminiscing Some Memories I had with the Month of March.

A Little Background.

This is my response to Bill Holland's Challenge for Writers and Hubbers on his #400 Mailbag Installment.

I have been thinking what to write next. It’s March already, just how fast the days have passed.

Summer is here. Hotter days ahead which means I, someone with MS, have to brace the heat more than ever. Can’t believe it’s really tough when it gets so hot. It’s tough and crazy at the same time.

March is a season of Marching. Which means Graduation and other school year end ceremonies.

In some countries like Japan and Korea, since they have Spring during this time, it symbolizes a new beginning, something is about to blossom, and harvesting what we have planted all throughout the years.

So here is a poem or a stoem(story and poem combined) as people call it, that talks about Summer, Year End Activities, and some other instances whatever comes to mind.


The 3rd Month of the Year. March.

Third Month of the year.

March is here.

It’s getting hot.

Should we blame Climate Change?

Or is it because of my heat sensitivity?

Is it just me, or the weather has gone really hot?

Gosh, going out is torture.

Especially, if there are morning errands.

How do you keep yourself cool and hydrated in times like this?

Can’t I just take the aircon with me wherever I go?

What Reminds You of Summer?

What reminds you of Summer?

Summer in the Philippines is completely different from Saudi Arabia.

I grew up first in Saudi Arabia and there is not much of a difference on ordinary days.

I mean Summer and School Days are just pretty much the same.

Only thing they have in common is that,

When March comes,

No more schoolworks, no more assignments, no more projects, etc.

Just have to finish the requirements needed to complete the subjects.

And accomplishing school clearance,

It’s the time where you ask every staff and crew of the school for an autograph.

It’s payback time for teachers who have had a hard time with you throughout the school year.

You don’t get their signature that easy, you have to work your ass up for it.

Oh, make sure, you won't have to take summer remedial classes!

If ever that reminded you of Summer, LOL.

You'd feel the School Year is Coming to An End, When...

You can feel school year is about to end, when…

Your classmates don’t go to school anymore.

When on average, you are always 25 out of 40 in class.

Then around this time, only 10 out of those 25 still go to school.

Wondering what would these 10 people would do?

Make use of the miscellaneous and utility fees of course.

The airconditioner, the wifi, television, electricity, etc.

But the best part?

It’s the time where you can just bond with your friends and classmates.

Chilling and having the best time of your lives.

With a little bit of cramming to get some requirements done.

But who cares about that?

It’s all about the movie marathons, sleeping together in cardboard box or banig,

Jamming some songs with someone playing the guitar and the other tapping the beatbox,

Eating together for lunch like a family.

Playing games inside the classroom literally making the classroom a second home.

Some would come a little late to join the fun, but some would just literally come to sleep again LOL.

You’d feel it’s almost the end of the school year when,

Almost everyone in the class comes to school so late.

They have their own time schedule and time zones.

Just because their lazy ass tells them to do so.

You’ll just be surprised why did they even bother coming?

When it’s already time to go home.

Yes, I know some people, who goes to school just in time for the last period in the afternoon.

And they’ve got a sack of valid reasons prepared in case they get interrogated.

Even though we know, those are just some of their ‘alibis’, still works. LOL.

Transforming The Usual Classroom Set-up into Something?! ~Time to be Creative!!!

During my elementary,

Building a bed out of the school chairs were one of those that we usually do.

Since there are tons of chairs available, and no one is coming...

Classrooms are being transformed into various setups.

Depending on what the students are in the mood for. ]

Just beware, the classroom can turn into an asylum too.

If you aren’t prepared for that, better not get yourself involved.

Moviehouse is usually what the classroom would be.

Sometimes it’s a boarding house unit. With tons of beds.

Sometimes it’s like a cell of a jail, no prisoners here.

Just some students laying on the floor, sleeping on their most haggard and wasted look.

Exhausted and tired from all the duties and works at school.

If they get a little hyped, it’ll be like a restobar with a liveband.

Students eat together, while some are singing some random lyrics.

Still on the floor, cause it’s more comfortable.

I guess it’s a Pinoy thing.

Jamming on some random lyrics that usually describes what’s going on inside the room.

You’ll just be surprised when it’s time for you to be part of the lyrics.

It can be funny, offensive, or you can play along by getting back at ‘em.

What matters is that everyone experience a great time.

That 'Bu-Ra-Ot' Student in Class. BEWARE!

During this time too, if you’d want to go to school,

You’ll just be eating most of the time.

So have some money with you if you’d wanna eat some outside food.

I mean aside from your school lunch, that mom cooks for you.

Or the one you prepared for yourself every morning.

A supposed school lunch, that usually becomes someone else’s breakfast.

How nasty that student is. Whoever he/she is.

You know that feeling?

You are just about to open your lunchbox and getting excited to eat,

When five eyes are already looking at your food ready to dig in.

And then you’d end up just having a bite if lucky of what you prepared LOL.

You know what’s worse?

The person you didn’t even invite to have some of your food, invites others to have a taste of it.

Like it’s his/hers. The Nerve!!!

We call it “pang buburaot”.

Which means getting food of others without their consent and permission.

Because of this thing called “kapal ng mukha”,

which means not giving a damn to whatever happens.

Neither to what you may say or feel.

What the person wants, the person gets.

And you can’t do anything about it.

You’ll even feel sorry, cause they eat as if they aren’t getting fed at home.

Missing The Interactive Face to Face Classes at School.

But sometimes, I feel that’s the fun of school we all missed.

Ever since the pandemic happened, we all know these moments can’t be done thru zoom meetings.

Glad that face to face classes is slowly becoming a thing again.

It just feels different.

You know, when you get frustrated with your classmate/friend

At school, you can just grab them by their hair or push them hard.

When you can’t help but laugh your lungs out, you can hit the thighs of the person next to you.

Just like when your mother is watching something,

and likes to hit whenever she is laughing or having some ‘kilig’ feels.

But with videocalls, it’s hard and difficult to contain your emotions and frustrations.

I mean you can’t hit your screen.

That’s just no fun.

It hits different too.

Graduation RItes and Recitals Things.

There are some students who will just come to school when the graduation rites practice begins.

You know the practice where almost everything is scripted.

Even giving flowers and roses to parents are practiced.

The flow of the program should be spontaneous at all cost.

I always look forward to memorizing the songs that’ll be used.

Every year, the songs they use for Graduation and Recognition day varies.

Each song gives a story and a meaning too.

For every students, for the parents, and for all who have been part of the journey.

What Graduation tribute is your all time tear-jerker?

Do you have a favorite or what was your most memorable Graduation Song?

The Tribute Song For Parents Every Commencement Exercises.

The tribute song for parents are also one I look forward to.

Will it make me cry on the day it will be played?

There’s usually a video presentation projected at a large screen,

Looking back to our days at school and some family pictures.

Who knows where they got it from.

Nasty investigators of Facebook Profiles.

And that one primary suspect of taking stolen shots of everyone,

That you were completely unaware of.

Those stolen shots were, you were sleeping on class hours.

The never before seen footage in class, that features the craziest version of yourself.

The most wasted and retarded look.

Being wacky and studious at the same time. Just know which side is true and which is just a pretend.

Just pretending in front of the camera.

Thankfully though, with these efforts, these people captures beautiful moments that happens at the classroom.

We get to look back at them after a couple of years, and it’s a treasure.

No matter how bizzarre it may seem, still it’s great to have some back up memories.

Just A Little Snipbits of Life Hack. Introduction.

In college, I remember an activity that would let an future anthropologist know more about us.

We are asked to enumerate some primary evidences that could be used.

Like in case we no longer exist in this world, and there is someone from the future that would like to follow and have a glimpse of our timeline when we are still alive.

Pictures and a personal diary/journal were some of the answers, that I think were significant and relevant.

Through pictures, you can have a glimpse and a summary of how the person’s life was like then.

Recently, I realized how pictures are important especially when used as evidence.

How Pictures and Videos can Save Your Life and Help You Prove Your Innocence? ~ A Life Hack!

Because, if we rely on words and just words, trying to remember what has happened,

Sometimes our memories gets altered and would often betray us.

I mean who would believe on someone’s statement that seems so unsure and pretty much distorted.

There must be a record of some proof, or at least to have some context.

That will tell and justify whose memories were right and more accurate.

It can be pictures, a video, or an audio recorded file.

Just in case, you get in trouble and have to prove yourself, make sure you have a strong sense of evidence with you.

You can’t just rely on your memories and what you remember all the time.

Because people will try to confuse you with what they remember and instill in your mind,

That you are the one at fault, when they are just trying to set you up and make you pay for the crime that they did.

It’s great to write and jot down what’s happening around you too. Be specific and in detailed.

Take note of the time, date , where you at, describe two or three people present within your vicinity,

What they are doing and what they were talking about.

It’s not like your gossiping and eavesdropping, but it’s more of having something in case you get interrogated.

Better be prepared always, you can be suspected anytime of day, even if you are innocent.

You know, just to support your claims and arguments, you must have something that’s real and accurate.

What you can remember maybe different from everyone. Have some valid evidence in handy.

Summer Dillemma? Getting Close to the Closing Remarks!

Anyway, I got a little bit off the topic.

Back to Summer and Heat Endurance.

It’s best to have some cold treats at this time,

But I also have to hold back,

As my cough is still here to stay.

I have to stay cool, but have to resist eating too much cold.

It’s a dillemma, I’ve been trying to deal with.

I have no choice but to keep the room cold.

Since I can’t consume much.

But too much cold temperature in the room,

On the other hand,

Gives me a sore back.

As in a painful and a very stiff one.

When will I be able to find balance in all of these?

There must be some equilibrium of some sort.

I can’t do much, if my back is stiff and painful.

Like all I want is to lay my back flat at the bed,

And sleep all day.

But I just can’t be lazy and do nothing most of the time,

I know where it’d soon take me, if I let it happen.

Without a routine, or trying to be productive,

I’d progress into losing interest to do anything,

Not eating properly, disregarding proper hygiene,

Eventually back to being my depressed unproductive self.

Nope, never gonna let that happen again.

Have to get my ass up, and do something worthy and productive.

Get some happy hormones working.

It can be a little challenging at times, but I must do it, for the better and for recovery.

But of course, if I get really unwell, it’s time to rest for a day or two.

Then get back on to working and grinding again.

For better days and happier ones.

I have to listen to my body too.

I can’t overwork it, otherwise I have to pay for the consequences.

And I tell you these consequences are no joke.

It would be really maximizing the opportunity to make you regret and give you a hard time.

Making sure you’ll think twice next time, before doing something again outrageous.

Not A Valedictorian Address, Neither A Closing Remarks. What Could This Be?

There are some more that reminds me of March,

But maybe it’s best to narrate them personally.

When we meet each other somewhere next time.

If you happen to bump into me, just ask me the question:

“What reminds you of March and Summer?”

Then let’s talk about it.

Let’s talk about why have some iced coffee at McDonalds,

when there’s coffee at home?

And why go for an extra long drive over the mountains,

just to order again from McDonalds,

when there is one that was just 1km away from home?

Seriously, you got me so dressed up and that’s just where you’ll take me? Like C'mon!

Well if you insist , I’ll have some hot chocolate and a burger. Thanks.

Kidding aside, I hope you take good care of yourselves.

Or ask someone to do it for you if you are not capable.

May you all have a blessed month of March.

For my family and friends, hubbers, fellow authors, readers,

Who are birthday celebrants of this month,

May all your prayers and wishes be granted in time that God permits.

Impressive health or an improvement to your health.

May all types of flu and virus stay away from you, as much as possible.

Have a wonderful and meaningful life.

Live a happy and blissful life.

Always seek the pursuit of true happiness.

Never settle for something that’s not making you happy and contented.

Especially those that just make you suffer in agony and in pain.

Emotionally, physically, and mentally,

Breakfree from everything that is giving you a hard time.

You don’t deserve to be stuck in a situation where you are the only one suffering.

You have a choice to save yourself from drowning at the sinking ship where you are the lone passenger left.

There is still hope and a way, just let others help you.

Stay humble and generous.

Spread the love, cause it’s more radical to Love.

Count Blessings and think of them everytime you can’t sleep or having a hard time.

Think of the things you are grateful for, at least enumerate a hundred.

If you reach at least 50 making the list, I’m sure you’ll start to feel good.

That’s like receiving 50 gifts on your Birthday or Christmas Eve.

Wouldn’t that feel great?

Looking forward to were this Month will take me.

The Program Has Ended. What's Next? Until the Next One! See You Soon.

Until then,

Stay safe wherever you are.

Cause, I care for you and I still wanna see you someday.

and I love you for who you are.

We can get through all these together.

Take care always.


© 2022 Gianella Labrador

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