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Member of the Lunatic Fringe

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

Envious of those who appeared to have everything lined up

Best houses, vacations and relationships

Connected up the wazoo in their phone contacts

Social media stars with the photos and followers to match

Unclear if anything was real or just a PR stunt

Once craved to the crème de le crème of society

Realized that even that had a few unseen catches

Being on your best behavior in public

Especially when Page Six seemed to be on the prowl

Looking for those who stuck out like sore thumbs at functions

Committing unexpected faux pas left, right and center

Limited social graces, while everyone else drank theirs away

Forced to swallow pride and put on a few airs to keep up appearances

Pretended to be a card carrying Republican when nothing but

Played the part of a repressed public school librarian

All the way down to the Bobbysocks and Mary Janes

A costumed mask to make the true identity unnoticeable

Of a bullhorn type protesting warrior fanatic hidden from view

Always yelling and smelling like 3 week old Swiss Cheese

Greasy hair untouched by Pert Plus or a comb for that matter

Thought it was safe to be classified as normal

After a multi-year stint in national breadline treated as if a diseased leper

A reject not worth seeing daylight outside of office cubicle

So close to finish line of normalcy that it can be seen in distance

A serial klutz at Halloween parties and weddings

Best to never invite than worry about the awkward RSVP

Given up belonging to the inner circle of power

Rather be an outside than a pretender in the center of it all

Lock me up and throw away the key this time

Done with faking normality and even sanity

Time to go to lunch and never come back

Earned at least that much after so many years of being good.

A bygone scene of days where behavior came and went.

A bygone scene of days where behavior came and went.

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