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Hey you melanos

You look suspicious

destructive chaotic

dark and murky

You look alien to me

I do not understand you

you are dark

dim and gloomy

I can not see you

Therefore I do not trust you

Everything you do

Every move you make

you do in the darkness of your skin

When you walk slow

Your walking fast

When you reach

I can not see what you are reaching for

Melanos everything you do is in secret

In your darkness

you are hidden

In your murkiness

I cannot see you

Therefore I do not trust you
I do not see anything human about you

lets put you to use

Go work in the fields for five hundred years

Go pick that cotton

I will sit on my porch and watch


you all are free now

hmm my fields need work (thinking silently)

I saw you sitting on your porch the other day

you walk slow to

talk slow and I saw you all on TV the other day in your poverty

Say, you all are lazy

What are you saying

I can not hear you

I can not understand what you are saying

I speak ain't

you speak kunta-kinte

Now you speak ain't

and I speak isn't

now you speak isn't

and I speak is not

say, why do you speak in so many contractions

What are you standing still for

Do not walk my way

You make me nervous

Go stand over there

Go eat on the other side

Go live on the other side of town

Talk slow when I'm talking

Walk slowly when I'm walking

reach slow when I'm inspecting
Say, you look like you are getting too much freedom

you can not have the same privileges I have

walk slowly towards me

raise your hands slowly

let me see some identification

reach slowly

I can not see what you are doing

You are melanos

you look suspicious destructive chaotic and murky

you move in secret

in the darkness of your skin


because you move in secret

you are moving to fast

pow pow

Why is everybody pointing fingers at me for

do you not know that all lives matter

Why are you standing still

In your darkness, you are a monster

you are destructive and chaotic

In your darkness, you walk in filth

In your darkness, you are concealed in everything you do

you are a thief

What are you standing around for

in the melanos of your skin

you are destructive

chaotic like the wilderness

you need to be conformed


imperialized, ethnocentrictized

Say, what are you standing still for looking destructive

chaotic melanos in the murkiness of your skin

I can not see you

Say, what are you doing

are you working anywhere

Say now, what are you doing these days

so whatcha been up to

oh, so your working at so and so now

good to hear

"Stay out of trouble, you hear"...

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