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Melancholy Reflections

Melancholy Reflections

That ignorant frog

Croaking hoarse like an ill old man-

need to get some sleep

Cherry blossom trees

Gorgeous colors all around-

Swaying in the wind

Gazing at the pond

A hint of light bounces back-


Everyone hates school

Tests, homework, socializing-

It stresses me out

People give birth, then die

Life is sort of a sad thing-

Why do we live it?

At least I’m not sad

I’m not happy either, though-

I have mixed feelings

She was strict and kind

When she died she was handpicked

For the promised land

The lonely lighthouse

Sits at the edge of the cliff-

Guides all through the night

The Snow

The snow blocks out all light

Even from my insides

Leaving me with quite a fright

It makes me question

Am I alright?

The snow eats up all

Of my hope

Making me bawl

Have I

Hit a wall?

The snow makes me sorrowful

The feelings

I have are awful

Why is it a thing?

It feels unlawful

The snow kills


It gives me chills

How my emotions

Are at its will

The snow rejects


It protects


As it infects

The snow hates love

I am

On the verge of

Something undoable

Then I see a dove

The snow is

All of a sudden


As I sink into

A deep and

Somber sleep


Do we all go

Through metamorphosis?

Like a butterfly and

Have a mid-life crisis

Knowing we aren’t

Good enough

Hopefully changing for the better

So we are no longer a bluff

From crawling

To flight

Trying our best

To unite

From dull to beautiful

Inside and out

Will it happen

With no doubt?

Butterflies get the chance

To change

To radiant from

The original strange

Can we come

Back from all of our


Thus far

Do we get the time

to enhance

Our personalities

By chance?

If we try

Our best

We can change

Before we are lain to rest

We can reform ourselves

From caterpillar

To butterfly

And become your own willer


Life causes change

Change calls for goodbyes

Whether they are happy or sad

They all start off strange

One goodbye is when

Somebody dies

This hurts so bad

Time and time again

This happened to me many times

Each time it made me more wise

Taught me to not get so mad

Just honor their lifetime primes

Saying goodbye makes a piece of my soul leaving

The rest of my soul cries

To add

Back all the love it just lost, this is grieving

Sometimes you are the one saying-

Goodbye, when you can’t help but despise

Your once beloved comrade

Knowing your friendship isn’t worth saving

Goodbyes are like being stuck

In a dark room and trying to find your way out

You are seeking the escape of grief

And attempting to find the light in the dark

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