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Meet You At the Crossroads

Each one of my poems and short stories are little pieces of my heart and soul. I don't like to share them but someone told me I should...

Meet You At The Crossroads

Death is nothing but a part of life

An inevitable splinter at the end

Of everyone’s story

That leaves loved ones feeling

Impaled by the notion of loss

Riddled with tears

Cursing the world

Feeling left behind to rot

Like the decaying foundation

Of a beautifully unkept home

Scrambling to pick up

The fine hairs ripped off

With the band-aid used to

Hide the gaping hole

Drowning in the tears

That never stopped flowing

But it’s only temporary

The void in my heart

Will never be replaced

The ones I lost will never

Abandon my thoughts or my life

My struggles will ease with time

Struggling with the words

I never said out loud

Struggling with everything

I thought disappointed you

Struggling with the last words

We exchanged

Struggling with knowing you

Knowing exactly what you thought

Struggling with understanding

The misery you attempted to escape

Struggling with feeling

That turmoil and empty feeling

Of sadness finally leaving my heart

Struggling to hold on to you and

The gift you gave me

When your soul left this world

Every in depth conversation

Of walking that fine line

Between the world of normalcy

That we left behind when we

Walked through those doors

Into a world of misery

The one we continued to run away from

And head towards at full speed

All at the same time

Half dead half alive all while

Screaming silently for help

Wishing I could pick up the phone

Tell you of my joys and my hardships

Brings me to my knees in tears

Praying to hear your voice

Praying to see your smile

Praying to hear you laugh

Praying to confide in you one more time

It put me in such an immobilizing

And morbid state of mind

I wanted to be with the ones I lost

Until I realized why I lost them

Until I understood I wouldn’t be here

Right where I am with a genuine smile

And a laugh that reminds me of you

Every single time I feel it bubbling

Somewhere deep down

Long before it bursts through my lips

The thought of meeting

Those loved ones at the crossroads

With nothing but positivity and progress

To ramble on and on about

To see the smiles that I swore

I couldn’t continue on living without

Plastered on their faces from ear to ear

The thought of measuring wealth

In my own actions and reactions

So I can tell them all how much

Their deaths changed my life

The thoughts I know keep me going

Is what I plan to say to you

When I see you at the crossroads

I’ll stand with pride and gratitude

When I finally see them again

And tell them of all of my accomplishments

Tell them I realized their belief in me

And their faith in me brought me

Back to the path I was always meant to be on

Yes, I’ll meet you at the crossroads

Someday, yes, someday

I’ll tell you all of the days I was finally happy

Smiling from ear to ear

Genuinely laughing and enjoying life

Because that’s what they gifted me:

My smile and my laughter

My positivity and my resilience

My strength and my courage

But most of all

My happiness and my life

© 2021 Grace Peterson

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